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The Pallet Parka is a modern cold-chain shipping solution built on innovation, service, and quality. We’re on a mission to give consumers a viable alternative and make the transport of temperature controlled goods nothing but chill and cost effective. 

Pallet Parka started with two guys bonding over craft beer. So much so that we founded the craft beer industry’s only white-glove shipping service, Brew Movers, specializing in beer, malt, hops, fruits, tanks, kegs, cans and equipment. With over two decades of experience in managed logistics, we have witnessed far too many breweries getting burned over complicated and overpriced cold chain shipping. This is why we invented the Pallet Parka.

Pallet Parka is the only completely modular, foldable, and reusable cold-chain shipping solution on the market. Our patent-pending product allows you to ship temperature controlled goods without the excessive costs of refrigerated transport. It protects goods from extreme heat and freeze damage during transit, adjusts to fit your product’s height, and is reusable by easily folding into its Parka Tote.

We've collaborated with craft beverage industry experts across North America throughout our testing and design phase to ensure Pallet Parka is compatible with all of their unique needs. This extensive research and development helped us land where we are now—with an entirely innovative design specifically engineered with the craft beverage, wine and spirits, food, and pharma industries in mind.

Our Founders

Brandon Arnold, Co-Founder

Adrian Gram, Co-Founder

Born in Cleveland, OH and now residing in Ontario, Canada, Brandon spent his early career in logistics working for some of the biggest players in the industry like CH Robinson in Chicago, IL, and XPO Logistics in Charlotte, NC. On the side, he purchased a truck and ran his own logistics company, moving general commodities across the United States. 

Adrian spent over a decade leading operations and sales efforts for a Fortune and S&P 500 company before shifting gears to entrepreneurship and investing. He grew up in Buffalo, NY, and now lives with his family in Charlotte, NC, where he and Brandon met and bonded over their love for craft beer and entrepreneurship. 

They launched their first company together, Hatch Transportation, in 2014 with a fleet of trucks. Several years later, they founded Brew Movers and in 2019, they began working on the initial Pallet Parka prototype in hopes of filling a huge void in the craft beverage industry. Together, Adrian and Brandon plan to change the standard for cold-chain shipping and continue to build a company that rejuvenates a tired industry.

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