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How to use the Pallet Parka

1. Lay the base layer of the Pallet Parka on the pallet with the long sections of female velcro face down. 

2. Center your product in the middle of the base layer to fill out a 48"x40" square, then continue stacking your product to complete your pallet.
3. Once your pallet is stacked, run stretch wrap around your product as you normally would for added protection. 
4. Now that your pallet is built, fold up the base sides of the Pallet Parka, making sure they are pulled up as tight as possible to the product.

Reminder! Put your Pallet Parka Tote and return parcel label inside your pallet!

5. Place the top section of the Pallet Parka over your product.  Tightly fold over the velcro sides to securely fit the product.  

6. Attach the 1st Pallet Parka side skirt.  Be sure to align it as straight as possible with the top and base layer velcro connection points. (picture shows standard side skirts that accommodate up to 45" or 70 cases of 16oz cans)

7. Note: Both sides skirts will overlap by ~4”.  Attach the 2nd side skirt over the end of the 1st side skirt, connecting the vertical column of velcro.  Continue to wrap the 2nd side skirt around, then tuck in and attach it under the start of the 1st side skirt to complete your Pallet Parka.