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Refrigerated shipping isn’t the only option for chilled chain freight.

Save up to 50% over refrigerated shipping.
Ensure your product always arrives at the optimal temperature.
Reduce carbon footprint and extend ROI.
Utilize one solution for varying shipment sizes.


Craft Beverages | Wine and Spirits | Food Products | Paints

The Pallet Parka solves common cold and chilled chain shipping issues for products with a flexible temperature range that leaves many business owners repeatedly frustrated.

You spend too much time and energy crafting your product to be limited by two options: refrigerated shipping or delivering a spoiled product. Pallet Parka provides an economical solution by allowing you to bypass chilled chain transport without risking your product.

The Pallet Parka will securely move your product across the country or into international markets while only losing a couple of degrees per day from its original temperature; how many degrees depends on transit length and ambient temperatures. Once your product reaches its destination, you can easily ship your Pallet Parka back to you through parcel freight in the Parka Tote and reuse it for your next delivery.

Whether you are shipping ingredients or your final product, the Pallet Parka is able to deliver your product on time while mitigating loss and maintaining consistent temperatures.



Pallet Parka ensures your product maintains a more consistent temperature throughout domestic and international travel. Using the mass of your product’s core temperature, the Pallet Parka provides a refrigerator-like atmosphere that limits heat transfer from the convective and radiant transfer.


Freight often gets stuck in transit, which could potentially expose your product to sub-zero temperatures. The Pallet Parka provides an added layer of protective insulation to ensure your goods are safe from unexpected delays.


Pallet Parka’s opaque insulated blanket shields light-sensitive goods from harsh rays which could affect the integrity of your product. In normal conditions, your product will reach ambient temperature in a matter of hours, whereas our pallet cover helps your product retain its core temperature and dramatically delays your product from reaching ambient temperatures.



Pallet Parka insulates temperature-sensitive goods to prevent them from getting too hot or too cold during transport.


Even with standard shipping, shipments are susceptible to load forces, stacking, and shifting. With over 700 sq inches of velcro protection and strength, the Pallet Parka mitigates loss by reducing load forces and damage.


The Pallet Parka is designed to fit a standard 48-inch x 40-inch pallet but can easily adjust to accommodate the height of your product from 24-inches up to 45-inches with the standard side skirts and 48-inches to 70-inches with our XL skirts.


Rethink the impact that shipping has on your wallet and the environment. Many shipping products offer only single usage, whereas the Pallet Parka is constructed with four replaceable modular pieces. You can also easily ship your Pallet Parka back to its home in our handy Parka Tote.


Dry LTL | Non-refrigerated TL | Refrigerated TL | Air Cargo | Van

Unless you decide to ship using reefer, freight transportation like TL and LTL are typically not temperature controlled. This is where Pallet Parka saves you money and your cargo–hip your product on a dry truck without exposing it to extreme temperature fluctuations.

This solution was designed to help drive saving on high-priced refrigerated LTL. The Pallet Parka also pairs with a heated trailer for freeze protection. Whether you need to ship your product on a refrigerated or heated trailer, the Pallet Parka provides added protection against heat and freeze.

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