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Pallet Parka Kit

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Pallet Parka Kit

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The Pallet Parka Kit includes everything you need for chilled chain shipping.

The Parka Kit includes all four essential packaging modules, including an insulated pallet blanket, and the Parka Tote to ship your Parka back to you through parcel freight. This five-piece kit accommodates a standard 48-inch by 40-inch pallet and can be adjusted to fit product heights from 23-inches to 45-inches (fits up to 70 16oz cans).

We also designed the XL Parka Kit to accommodate 48-inches to 70-inches tall. It’s time to simplify your temperature-controlled shipping logistics with the Pallet Parka.

The Pallet Parka Kit includes:

  • 1 Baselayer
  • 1 Top layer
  • 2 Standard size side skirts for product heights up to 45-inches; optional XL kit for heights 48-inches up to 70-inches
  • 1 Parka Tote for return shipping
  • Each module is individually replaceable as needed
  • Velcro fastening to reduce load forces and damage that occur in transit
  • Insulated, reinforced aluminum blanket constructed with opaque fabric that helps freeze protect, and prevents heat and light damage
  • Protection from freight shifting in transit and mitigates product damages

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    A lifesaver

    Ever since we lost a shipment of beer due to excessive heat, I've been hesitant to ship beer long distance. No longer! This is a great product and highly recommended for any brewery shipping anything refrigerated. Four days in southern U.S. heat and the beer arrived at 60 degrees. Easy to use, store, and ship. If you care about the quality of your beer this is a must-have.

    High quality and exceptional performance

    Impressive test results achieved in extending the validation of a certified pharma shipper with the use of a Pallet Parka.
    The Pallet Parka was able to extend the viability of a +110 hours certified shipper (+20C, +5C, -20C) to over +168 hours.
    The Pallet Parka team is great to work with!

    S. Walker

    We are thrilled with the quality of temperature control that Pallet Parkas provide. Freight is so uncertain these days and it is hard to rely on ETAs that are provided to us because of this. It is a comfort to know that the quality of our product is being maintained when route times are so sporadic.

    Game changer

    I’m a boutique craft beer distributor down in Miami Florida for over 5 years. We’ve had issues with getting beer down to us cold without spoiling beer or costing a ton of money. Pallet parka is a huge game changer. We’ve had beer in transit over 5 days and deliver to us at a safe temperature. We currently own 2 xl parkas and 1 regular size. I’m looking forward to purchasing more and continuing to use them with all my suppliers in the near future.

    Marcus Wunderle
    Marcus Wunderle

    With the current state of LTL shipping, Refer trucks are not an option due to availability or cost. Pallet Parka has enabled us to either transport product ourselves or LTL across the entire southern US, Mexico, Japan, Korea, and United Kingdom regardless the ambient temperature. I have personally seen a pallet transported from Houston, TX to Las Vegas, NV (~2.5 day transit) in the heat of summer (97F - 117F ambient) arrive at the destination almost cold enough to drink. Game Changer in the Specialty Beer Shipping Game! Cheers!