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New Zealand hops at their freshest despite shipping delays

New Zealand hops at their freshest despite shipping delays

Hop Revolution, based in Nelson, New Zealand are the growers and exporters of some of the finest and rarest hops in the world. After harvest, Hop Revolution packages their hops for distribution throughout the world to be used in craft beverages.  

Hop Revolution’s launch point for distribution in the United States is based out of Boise, ID, where they are stored in temperature controlled warehousing until the time comes for transport. These hops are very prone to spoilage when exposed to prolonged periods of heat or violent spikes in temperature.  Temperature fluctuations can affect their smell notes and the overall quality of the final product of brewed beer. 

When faced with the unpredictability of dry LTL transit times or the high costs of refrigerated LTL options, Hop Revolution turned to the Pallet Parka for a trial run at maintaining and protecting their products core temperature.  Dry LTL pricing was $393 and Pallet Parka was $269, whereas reefer LTL was quoted at $1179. The savings totaled 44 percent over refrigerated shipping costs.

After 9 days in transit due to LTL delays and storms, the hops arrived at 46.2F degrees while outside temps peaked at 81.9F degrees.

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