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Product temp changed 3 degrees in 24 hours.

Product temp changed 3 degrees in 24 hours.

"The Pallet Parka addresses a pressing need in the high-quality beverage alcohol shipping scene by allowing you to take advantage of periods of cool weather which allow for shipping of wine, while protecting the contents from temperature spikes that may occur in transit (or while being unloaded). 

For beer leaving the warehouse cold, the pallet parka allows you to take advantage of dry trucking while protecting your product from heat in transit for days at a time — opening up new possibilities for producers in the Direct-to-Retail space & beyond.  The product was developed by folks currently working in the craft beverage logistics industry & they are currently using their own product (which means the product has already gone through several rounds of real-world product testing & refinement). 

The Brew Movers team stands behind their work with verifiable data by using the latest in GPS & temperature tracking technology.  As a scientist & winery operator, the Pallet Parka hits all the right buttons for me."

by James Naeger